"The best investment on earth is earth".

Louis Glickman

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An almost free project involving GoDaddy, Google Sites, Google Domains, Google My Maps, Edx org, Gmail, Bing, Hotmail, Google Sheets, Google Blogger, Printful, Twitter X, Instagram, Meta Facebook, PIntrest, Youtube, NightCafe, Tumblr, Tiktok, CapCut, Lingojam, WIkipedia, Pexels, Emojitracker, Emojipedia, Punycoder, Wix, Kiji, Gumtree, Ebay, Sirv, LInkedin, ChatGPT and Wordpress. 

"With the exception of the information emoji (ℹ), the trademark emoji (™️) and the "m" emoji (Ⓜ️),for an emoji to work as a domain name, t must be converted into a so-called puny code."  Emoji Domain Functionality, Wikipedia.